English courses in Sliema Malta, learn English in Sliema Malta, schools of English in Sliema MaltaMalta and Gozo draw over a million visitors a year. Her geographical position in heart of the Mediterranean, her beautiful clear waters, pretty rural villages, friendly inhabitants and early historical remains make Malta an ideal destination for any traveller.

Being one of the first English Language Schools in Malta, established in 1987, it has a history for offering quality English Language courses and customer satisfaction.

Our school is a founder member of FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organizations of Malta), the association for quality English Language schools in Malta and also licensed by the Ministry of Education in Malta and all our departments are ISO 9001 accredited.




English courses in Sliema Malta, learn English in Sliema Malta, schools of English in Sliema MaltaCourse 20h
Spread over 20 sessions of 45 minutes each, our General English Course is designed to give students a solid introduction to the English Language. This course is offered at all levels and devotes special attention to grammar, vocabulary building, conversation and pronunciation. While conventional texts and audio equipment form the basis of the lesson structure, teachers encourage language use through role-play, problem solving, discussions and story–telling.


Course 30h
Based on the same course content as our general English course, students can maximise their stay in Malta by following an Intensive course. The course is spread over 30 sessions of 45 minutes each and is designed to offer students the opportunity to cover new material on the basis of what they already know. By devoting more hours to tuition, students can give their English a kick-start in a relatively short
period of time.


Mini Group Courses in smaller groups
Smaller numbers encourage more teacher attention. This course is designed to cover the same course content as outlined in our General and Intensive English courses. Enrolling in a mini group ensures a larger amount of teacher attention with more flexibility in planning the course content around the individual needs of the students. This course is offered at all levels.

English courses in Sliema Malta, learn English in Sliema Malta, schools of English in Sliema Malta

One-to-One courses
Individual lessons with the full and continuous attention of your teachers, offers students the opportunity to practice and go over areas of their choice. While level of the course will vary according to the level of the student as indicated in the placement test that students take on day 1, the number and duration of the sessions can be set by the student according to their own preferences.


Combination Courses
By offering students the opportunity of developing their general language ability in a group during the morning and focusing on their specific needs in the afternoon, the combination course is an ideal way of combining a General English course with individual attention.


Business English
As the globalisation process becomes more complete people are increasingly aware of the fact that English is the language of modern trade. Our Business English course is designed according to your specific needs and future objectives. By working on basic everyday situations such as answering the telephone, aspects of a meeting, presenting facts and figures, dealing with customers and corresponding professionally, our Business English course is sure to help you with your future business.

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Summer Courses
Our Teenage English courses are designed to stimulate younger students to work on their English language skills during the summer months.
By encouraging role-play, problem solving, general discussions, written exercises and aural comprehension, our Teenage Course introduces the English language to younger students in a fun and dynamic manner. (Courses are offered only during July and August).


Exam Preparation Courses (Cambridge)
With the world fast becoming a smaller place, it is now more common for non-native English speakers to attend an English-speaking university or to migrate to an English-speaking country. Students interested in sitting for an internationally recognised examination can take an Examination Preparation Course with am Language Studio covering the major examinations; the Cambridge Examination Courses plus IELTS, TOEFL, TOLES and WEFT. more information

more information

more information


50+ Courses
Life is full of adventure and joining a class of younger students can be one for you too!
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We also offer special courses:

  • Medical English
  • English for Tourism
  • Legal English
  • Secondary School Courses (Teacher + class)
  • English + Sports Courses (Diving, Sailing)

Please ask for our offers!




English courses in Sliema Malta, learn English in Sliema Malta, schools of English in Sliema MaltaWhatever the season, Malta offers you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all the year round. While sun and fun are Malta's main attraction, sightseeing, sports and photography are leisure time alternatives that will make your visit to Malta interesting!

With a full programme of optional or extra activities our leisure department will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your learning experience beyond the parameters of the classroom.

Enjoy our excursions to the ancient cities, take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon off the Island of Comino or simply bask in the sun on one of out beautiful beaches. Malta is fun and you will love the night life. Our team of young dynamic Group Leaders and Guides will ensure that you get to know more about Malta then you thought existed.

All excursions are offered in private transport, our guides are fully approved by the Ministry
of Tourism, our leisure team is made up of dedicated animators who enjoy dealing with our students at all times.



English courses in Sliema Malta, learn English in Sliema Malta, schools of English in Sliema MaltaMore then the opportunity to learn English in a friendly and relaxed environment we promise to ensure that you are happily accommodated at all times. It is typical to stay in one of our approved host families and maximize your academic as well as your cultural experience.


You choose your level of comfort and we will provide it throughout your stay.

Accommodation alternatives include:

  • Hotels
  • Host families
  • Student Residences
  • Self catering apartments

All can be booked through our english language school. They are situated close to our schools. Whatever you choose, we will provide you with an accommodation profile clearly indicating the price and the level of comfort. We guarantee that you will get what we promise when booking accommodation through our language school.





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