To sign up please forward the fully filled in enrolment form to:

The student status will only be considered valid after having been acknowledged by the school or an authorised representative.

A deposit must be paid immediately after the receiving of the confirmation by letter or email into one of our bank accounts.

The course must be paid until four weeks prior to the beginning of the course (see Cancellation and Refund) and will be balanced against the deposit. If we or the school don´t recieve the amount in due time, we can´t guaranty course and accommodation.


In case of refund, the cancellation must be sent by registered mail, fax or email. If the cancellation occurs four weeks prior to the beginning of the course, the deposit will be refunded 20% less owing to administrative expenses. If the cancellation occurs within the four weeks preceding the beginning of the course, only 20% of the deposit will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs after the beginning of the course, no amount will be refunded.


Accomodation will be availabe from midday onwards one day prior to the beginning of the course, until midday the day after the end of the course.


The school will not insure the students, nor will it accept reponsibility in case of an accident or theft during any activity or excursion organised by the school. Please enquire in your own country about the proceedings regarding personal insurance.


We advise all students to have their personal post sent to the school’s address

There are no classes on bank holidays.

The minimum age required for an individual enrolment is 18. There is no minimum age limit for supervised groups, nor maximum age limit for enrolment.

Whenever there is less than three persons per course, the school reserves the right to reduce the number of teaching hours.

The school reserves the right to expel any student whose behaviour could disrupt the normal activities during ongoing classes.



Last update: 19/05/15

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