Welcome to New York City metropolitan area. The main campus of our school is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan next to the Empire State Building --a short walking distance to Times Square and to everything that makes New York the greatest city in the world. You just can't ask for a better location.

Study English in the US with English Wordlwide

New York is the headline city of the United States, with the nation's best restaurants, most diverse population, and largest businesses. If there is any city in the country that defines what it means to be American, it is New York. Not limited to business transactions and large deals, New York is home to some of the most historic attractions in the United States, with destinations such as Times Square, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park to capture your interest and imagination.

Study English in the US with English WordlwideStudy English in the US with English Wordlwide

The school organizes fun student activities where you will make international friends and learn English at the same time! It also has on-campus activities ranging from the annual poetry and speech competitions to cultural festivals, student produced fashion shows and much more!

Study English in the US with English WordlwideStudy English in the US with English Wordlwide


Premium Intensive English Program
4 hours of instruction per day, five days a week, plus additional activities (20 hrs. / week) The Premium IEP curriculum includes four proficiency levels: beginner, intermediate, high intermediate, advanced.

Intensive Business English Program
This course includes instruction in U. S. business practices, business writing and speech & oral presentation. It enriches vocabulary and builds accurate grammar usage. It provokes and reinforces critical thinking by analyzing cases of success stories of various businesses in the U.S., and how they relate to other businesses globally. The students are led on field trips to financial and business districts, and they attain a better perspective of the business environment. Length of program: Twelve weeks with four hours of instruction, five days a week.

Intensive TOEFL Program
This course prepares students to take the national TOEFL test in either of two formats: computer-based or paper-based. It provides a very comprehensive review of all the components needed for the TOEFL test such as written structures (grammar), reading comprehension, listening comprehension and essay writing. It provides a thorough discussion on the techniques and strategies for taking the test. Students are given free access to the computer lab to do a complete practice TOEFL test. Length of program: Ten weeks with four hours of instruction per day, five days a week.

Intensive IELTS Preparation course
This course helps learners develop detailed knowledge of English skills and strategies needed for success to pass the IELTS exam. It emphasizes in improving academic English as well as the linguistics aspects of the course. It includes vocabulary and grammar tasks, skills building and exam practice tasks. It is consists of four modules with corresponding exercises, tasks and practice tests. Length of program: The program will consist of two sessions, four weeks per session and four hours a day, Monday through Friday.

English Plus Dance
Combine your English course with the experience of taking dance lessons at Steps on Broadway. This course includes 20 hours of Intensive English lessons PLUS 7.5 hours of dance lessons per week. The English section includes: Intensive English Program - 20 levels beginner to advanced, TOEFL Preparation Course, Business English, topical cultural classes and much more. The dance section includes different styles - choose from Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Flexible schedules, making your learning experience more comfortable and fun. Open enrollment: choose to start any Monday throughout the year.


  • Study English in the US with English WordlwideRESIDENCE HALLS are affordable, safe and conveniently located to the school. YMCAs provide comfortable, shared occupancies to international and domestic travelers with convenient, central locations.
  • SHARED APARTMENTS OR HOUSES provide furnished and fully equipped rooms. Facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom are shared with roommates.
  • HOMESTAYS provide you with a true New York experience. Students live in a private home or apartment with a family or an individual person sharing experiences and cultures while speaking English.



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