English courses in BOURNEMOUTH, Learn English in BOURNEMOUTH Great Britain, schools of English in the UK BOURNEMOUTHBournemouth is a busy, active, seaside town, famous for family holidays, mild weather and a pleasant, safe environment. The holiday industry is still very important, but Bournemouth is also well known as a centre of academic excellence. It has a large, modern University, an Art & Design Institute, and several other colleges offering subjects ranging from hairdressing to piloting helicopters. Plus, of course, there are many language schools of all sizes, resulting in the town being a second home to many thousands of students from all over the world, every year.

Founded over 30 years ago, our English Language School attracts outstanding teachers and support staff, making the learning experience here extremely effective as well as highly enjoyable.

Bournemouth has welcomed overseas students for many years, and offers a great variety of things to do and places to go. I'm sure you're going to love it here - and I look forward to welcoming you as a student soon.

English courses in BOURNEMOUTH, Learn English in BOURNEMOUTH Great Britain, schools of English in the UK BOURNEMOUTH



You may choose to study for 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. Depending on your level, course components may include:

  • Grammar
  • Listening skills & Writing skills
  • British life and institutions
  • Speaking skills & Reading skills
  • English newspapers
  • Roleplay and debates
  • Pronunciation practice

English courses in BOURNEMOUTH, Learn English in BOURNEMOUTH Great Britain, schools of English in the UK BOURNEMOUTHFoundation
Designed for students who know little or no English, the emphasis is on oral English and reading of basic texts. Successful students will be able to conduct simple conversations and have a knowledge of simple English structures.

Here the foundations of the language are expanded and many more everyday situations are introduced. Students will be able to ask simple questions, express their needs and understand basic texts.

Here we focus on understanding everyday spoken English at normal speed, expressing ideas clearly and reading a variety of common texts. The main structures of the language will be generally used and understood.

At this level, most everyday English conversation at normal speed can be understood, together with reading many texts without the help of a dictionary. Structures and vocabulary which depend on context will be used.

Upper Intermediate
More subtle distinctions in spoken and written English can be explored, and a sound command of English structure should be obtained. Everyday conversations and common accents will be understood without difficulty.

Students learn to discriminate in matters of style, shades of expression and implied meanings. Fluency and accuracy to near-native standard is the objective, plus a wide and specialist vocabulary for a variety of contexts.


English courses in BOURNEMOUTH, Learn English in BOURNEMOUTH Great Britain, schools of English in the UK BOURNEMOUTHSummer Programs
Our junior summer courses offer learners aged 10-17 from all over the world the opportunity to improve their English language skills whilst enjoying a varied and exciting activity programme.
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English certificates
Examination courses include:

  • I.E.L.T.S.
  • Cambridge First Certificate
  • Cambridge Advanced
  • London Chamber of Commerce
  • Pitman
  • English Speaking Board
  • PET




Learn english in Bournemouth United Kingdom - english courses in Bournemouth United Kingdom - english language school in Bournemouth United KingdomThere is an excellent social life, including many nightclubs, bars and restaurants, and a superb range of sports and leisure facilities. Best of all, in the Summer, is the beach - one of the cleanest and safest in Europe.

The surrounding countryside offers ancient forests, dramatic coastlines and pretty villages, and road and rail links are excellent - London is under two hours by train, two and a half by road.

Above all, Bournemouth is a welcoming town, and a place you'll want to come back and visit again and again.

Social Activities and Excursions
There is a full program of social activities at Anglo European - sports and activity events, parties and outings - something for everyone to join in and enjoy.
And of course no study programme in England would be complete without visits to some of our historic and cultural treasures, including London, Oxford, Bath and elsewhere in the region.



English courses in BOURNEMOUTH, Learn English in BOURNEMOUTH Great Britain, schools of English in the UK BOURNEMOUTHOne of the most important parts of your study of English is the time you spend talking and listening to ordinary English people - especially at the home of the host families we can place you with. 

As one of the most respected English schools in Bournemouth, we are able to select the most welcoming and comfortable homes for our students, with families within a short walk or bus journey of the School. Many of these families have been accommodating our students for a long time.

You can choose between:

  • Accommodation, twin or single rooms, with breakfast and evening meal provided each day, plus lunch at weekends.
  • Accommodation at full board, which includes lunch in the school canteen.
  • Self-catering accommodation can be arranged if required.





Last update: 19/05/15

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