Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainThe school is situated in the very heart of the University City in the conservation area, between the Town Hall and Christ Church, Oxford's most famous College. The Study Centre occupies a beautiful and prestigious building which is over four hundred years old, and retains its beamed ceilings and many other original features. Students are taught in the Study Centre and in an adjacent building, and in summer the school also teaches many older students in a College of the University.

The school provides high quality year round and short programmes which offer:

Flexibility: many of the programmes are tailor made to best meet the requirements of the individual student or client company; Excellent contacts with the University, enabling students and clients to be taught in the Colleges of the University in the vacations. Fully residential courses in the University are offered in summer and , subject to status, arrangements can be made for visiting academics to become members of the University libraries;

High calibre tutors and visiting speakers from academe or business; A range of over twenty subject specialisms, enabling, for example, a student to combine academic English with a University preparation programme; Strong links with a large number of British and European Schools, enabling younger students to prepare for entry to some of the best Boarding Schools;

Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainGood links with Oxford, Cambridge and other leading universities, and provision of individual educational counselling for students who wish to apply to a British University; A high level of pastoral care for students, including personal tutors and regular reports.

Well-established links with Companies in the Oxford and London areas, enabling company clients to combine their Oxford programme with meeting new business contacts. The teachers and trainers at the school are from leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and have many years’ experience of teaching international students and professional clients.

The school is an Associate Member of the European Council of International Schools, a recognised examination centre, and is registered with the Department for Education and Skills.



Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainThe English Language Programmes take place year round, both for groups and individuals. In the summer older students are taught in the University. All courses train students to communicate clearly both in written and spoken usage.

We welcome all age groups and levels. Students are assessed on the first day, and there are four main courses:

  • Group tuition (20 lessons a week)
  • Intensive Programme (30 lessons a week)
  • Combined Programme (20 lessons + 5 or 10 individual lessons)
  • Private tuition (10, 20, or 30 lessons a week)

We advise students on the best programme for their needs before arrival.

Our English programmes include:

  • General English
  • Junior English
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Specialist programmes, e.g. for Law, or Medicine, or Teachers
  • English Plus, e.g. English plus Literature, or Business, or History




Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainOxford is a world renowned University City, with its origins dating back over eight hundred years. The Colleges of the University, with their beautiful architecture dating from mediaeval times in many cases, provide a spectacular and inspiring backdrop for educational , business and cultural programmes for visitors and students from all over the world.

Oxford is also a thriving modern city , home to some of the newest developments in business and research. It is also an important cultural centre, with many art galleries, theatres, films and musical performances. It is very cosmopolitan, welcoming people from all over the world for education, business or cultural visits.

We arrange a regular programme of cultural activities and excursions in the summer, and at any time of year for groups. There are some cultural and social activities for individuals at all times of year, and excursions on some weekends. These include visits to Oxford’s Colleges, Museums and Galleries, and punting on the river in the summer. We can arrange for groups to have lunch or dinner in the university.

Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainThis year we are including in Oxford the opportunity to act scenes from a play in conjunction with a professional schools theatre group. This is great fun, and also very good practice for those who are learning English.

We are also providing a Companions Programme. This enables international school and university students to meet with students of similar age from British schools and Universities. This is an excellent introduction to living and studying in Oxford and also the basis of future friendships. The students will join the British students for shopping, cinema visits, going for ice-cream etc. Good fun for everyone!

Weekend excursions include London, Warwick, Stratford, Bath and Cambridge, as well as tours to the beautiful Cotswold countryside.




Learn English in OXFORD England, English courses in Oxford UK, language school in Oxford Great BritainWe offer arrange of accommodation to meet each person’s preferences and budget. The options include:

  • College of the University (age 17+): summer vacation only
  • Oxford family: single room, most meals, with sharing option for friends
  • Guest House
  • Budget Hotel
  • Superior quality hotel with swimming pool and health spa
  • Self-catering residential hostel (age 17+)

All family rooms are inspected by our accommodation manager. If you are a family or school group we can sometimes make special arrangements for you in shared houses. Please write to us with your plans and we will offer advice.



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